The Art of Buying Exactly What You Need at the Grocery Store

The Art of Buying Exactly What You Need at the Grocery Store

Planning a variety of meals can be tedious when you are trying to stay within your macros so to save on time I have found that the best solution is to meal prep. You spend it's a few hours in the kitchen one day cooking and packaging the food up and when you are done each meal is ready to heat and eat and your food is entered into MyFitnessPal (MFP) for the week.

Meal prep not only saves on time in the kitchen but if done properly it saves money and cuts back on food waste. Plan out your menu for the week and then you will be able to shop for exactly what you need, no more no less. We will use this Sample Menu Plan as an example of taking one day and hitting repeat so that we know that we are going to stay within our macros every day that week. 

Now that we have our menu for the week we will multiply the food amounts by 6 and then you have your exact grocery list and everything you will need for the coming week – on the 7th day you go shopping and meal prep again. 

Shopping List:

12 eggs

4.5 C egg whites or 36 oz.

6 oz. cheddar

6 oz. spinach

1 jar of coconut oil 

2.25 lbs. chicken breast

12 T pesto or 6 oz.

60 Kalamata olives

6 oz. mozzarella

3 large hass avocado (cut in half will give you around 3oz)

2.25 lbs. Sockeye Salmon

2.6 lbs. zucchini

Kerrygold butter

2 oz. parmiggiano reggiano


If you follow these guidelines you should have little to no food waste at the end of the week meaning you didn't lose any money on food you didn't eat, you reduced your carbon foot print and you will have stayed in your macros all week.