She's almost gone

I find it hard to remember her, the Misty that fit in these pants... She was tired all the time and always made up excuses why she couldn't go out but it really was because just walking made her sweaty. She had to wear sandals in the winter because shoes didn't fit her - it's OK, at almost 300 lbs she was never cold anyway. She sat on the couch all day, depressed and too afraid she'd run into someone she knew if she actually left the house. Some days it took everything that she had just to hold her head up when she walked into a room because it's hard to be that big.


I allowed myself to get that way and I know why: I had given up. Trying can be exhausting, making the right decisions over and over again can seem like an impossible task when you have half of your body weight to lose. I am so happy that I decided to commit myself to this diet, everyday I continue to make the right decisions and everyday I try to push myself just a little bit more. I am working hard on becoming the woman I want to be and I will be stopped by anyone, least of all myself.