No Products or Pills, Just Real Food

The best part of a ketogenic diet is that being in ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant and it kicks in after a few weeks, so even though you will be eating reduced calories the combination of my macros will ensure that you will not be hungry - you can look forward to increased energy, mental clarity, improved mood, better sleep, clearer skin all while losing weight and not being hungry.

Mind Your Macros isn't another diet product, or pill or fad, these are the natural benefits that you will see when you remove most of the carbohydrates from your life. When you limit your carbohydrate intake your body switches over from running on glucose (carbs) to running off of fat and this is called nutritional ketosis. When you are in ketosis your body breaks down fat for energy and ketones are a byproduct of that process - ketones don't burn fat for you.  So when someone tries to sell you a bottle of ketones Just Say No, if you are not in nutritional ketosis you will not be burning your own fat for energy.  

Figuring out how to get into ketosis is just the first step, I believe in fueling your body with real food and I discourage replacing high-carb junk food with low-carb junk food. We want to give our body the best food that we can and that's why I take a paleo approach to the ketogenic diet in the sense that I try to eliminate processed foods from my diet and focus on eating real food. If you come from a high carb, processed, junk-food filled diet it could take some getting used to but if you have a goal to change the way you eat and you work towards it you are already succeeding. 

Real food doesn’t HAVE ingredients, real food IS ingredients
— Jamie Oliver