Are you thinking about Weight Loss Surgery?

If you are on the fence about getting Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) please let me try to help you lose weight though a low-carb, ketogenic diet first. I had a lap band put in 10 years ago and it's never helped me lose weight and has only been a nuisance.

I have to eat very slowly, chew a thousand times and drink water with almost every bite to make sure the food doesn't get stuck in my pouch but some food is more difficult to manage than others and it gets stuck regardless of what I do and I have to go throw up because the pain is pretty bad; it feels like a golf ball stuck in your chest and your mouth with start to slime trying to unblock the food, if you drink anything after its stuck it just backs up because there is nowhere for it to go. Eating out can be awful when something gets stuck - trying the throw up quietly, in a public bathroom, is no fun. 

To use a lap band "properly" you aren't supposed to drink with your meal or after it, but I am not trying to use it to lose weight, I want to follow my macros and eat real food and lose weight though calorie restriction and ketosis. Veteran lap-band survivor field note *unhealthy food is oftentimes much easier to eat than healthy food is: greasy hamburgers, queso, and milkshakes slide right down; chicken, steak and broccoli get stuck. It was easy to eat the food that wouldn't hurt me. Eating "real food" in an attempt to be healthy hurts me everyday. 

Yesterday I had my worst event in 10 years, and usually I can feel when something gets stuck and it's usually my fault for eating too fast and not chewing enough or forgetting to drink water after each bite... But this time I didn't even know it was stuck until I drank water and it backed up, I tried throwing up, drinking cold liquid, hot liquid, throwing up some more everything that had worked for me before wasn't working at all and the event lasted for over 6 hours; it's painful and it makes me feel almost claustrophobic and panicky. Trying so hard to throw up, trying to dislodge it, I gave myself petechial hemorrhages around my eyes, mouth and neck.

  petechial hemorrhages

petechial hemorrhages


I wish I had never had the procedure, yesterday was awful and because the food was stuck for more than 20 minutes my stomach lining thickened and I will be more likely to have food get stuck in the 24 hours after the event because of this. It took me an hour to eat dinner last night because every bite was getting stuck.

I have helped other people that were thinking about weight loss surgery lose weight, develop a healthy relationship to food and change their eating habits. If you would like to give this diet a real try before you commit to surgery, I am here for you.

Before weight loss surgery they usually put you on a ketogenic diet to help you lose weight and shrink your liver, after the surgery their guidelines for how you eat are very similar to mine: eat healthy, protein first, no snacking etc.  If you are ready to commit to surgery, recovery, changing everything about how and what you eat why not sign up with me first? Unlike surgery my diet plan does not require a lifetime decision to be made, you can go month to month as I help you lose the weight. 

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. -
— Maria Robinson