MYM in the Media

A few months ago I submitted my story to ShapeFit which shared it online, after that I was contacted by a journalist that asked to write my story and so far it has been shared on The Daily Mail, The Sun, AOL, Skinny Mom, HealthGlu,, Express, Delish, The Mirror, Follow News, Canada News, New Beauty the German Huffington Post, San Antonio ExpressGood Housekeeping, the Netherlands' LibelleDaily, South African news! and The Today Show! 

Being drop dead honest about my weight, my alcoholism and my immobility has been harder that the weight loss itself it is VERY hard to admit these things to myself let alone thousands of people but I know what is like to look up and see the train wreck that is your life and you think that you can't possibly put a stop to it, let alone reverse it. But by putting myself out there I hope that I can give people hope that they really can pull the hand brake and do a 180 with their lives. I was almost 300 lbs, an alcoholic, I smoked cigarettes and I could barley walk 500'  in 18 months I lost 137 lbs., went from 65% body fat to 25% body fat, a size 28 to a size 8, XXXL to a M and I can do anything I want to now. Run? sure. Yoga? yes please. Lift weights? love it!